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You can list Domestic Businesses or Foreign Businesses using GMap Business Finder

  • Export Data Analysis
  • Import Data Analysis
  • Countries Trade Analysis
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 You can attract either Domestic Businesses or Foreign Businesses. (Screenshots attached, data taken from London and Paris).


  • By displaying the search terms that you will write to the TXT file, one after the other, to the program, you can have the program pull data while you do your other work.
  • Since the categories are taken, you can separate them according to their category and use them as you wish (via Excel).
  • There is a distinction between city and county. You can sort by region (via Excel)
  • A business that is on the list will not be re-drawn (After the advertisers have been withdrawn once, their data will not be retrieved from other pages).
  • You can stop the process at any time and export the data received so far to Excel or TXT format.
  • In the search terms area at the top right, you can see which search terms have been completed and which are pending.
  • Since it visits completely organically, you will have no problem pulling data (no liability is accepted if you open the program several times at the same time and extract data)
  • Data it receives: Search Term, Business Name, Address, District, City, Phone, Website, Category, Rating, Number of Reviews Received, Location information, Google location link, IF BUSINESS IS OFF AND "Own this business" LINK OPEN, RELATED LINK ALSO TAKES.
  • You can export the list to Excel or TXT format (Screenshot attached. After importing, you can import the data to your website and add it).
  • You can use the program on your personal computer as well as on your Windows servers if you wish (There is no need to have any application installed for output in Excel and TXT formats.)



  • You can find your potential customers.
  • By identifying those who do not have a website, you can contact them by phone and get a site job.
  • Since there is a distinction between provinces and districts, you can make your promotions according to the region.
  • You can contact those who have few or no comments to sell comments.
  • You can create a company directory by adding up-to-date data to your website.
  • You can evaluate your competitors according to their comments or scores, or you can make competitor analysis by listing the companies in the sector in the results.
  • You can use it in other works suitable for your or your customer's industry.
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