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Ways to make your interior green


The green interior is an idea of ​​space in order to create an atmosphere of comfort. The main method is to leave the impression of the garden, such as trees, leaves, flowers, a pond, a waterfall and a fountain. Here are 4 ways to create a green interior:

Put plants inside the house

Collect outdoor plants in your home. Select plants that do not need a lot of sunlight. Look at the jar, if it is dirty, clean it first. If the pot is not so interesting, put it in the best pot that appears. Next to the jar, you can put in a bouquet of cut flowers. This second method is quick and easy to create new shades inside the house.

Ways to make your interior green

Create a wide opening

The opening shaped large window helps to create freshness in the home. Through the glass window, green impression of the garden seen. Physically, the green atmosphere is appreciated only visually, but it is easier to deal with because there is only one object. And you can bring two different names to the outside and inside the house.

Create an indoor garden

To the extent of the limited house, generally, there is more open ground, next to the terrace. This type of house has an air problem, the temperature becomes high. To solve this problem, the architect usually removes his absence in the middle or at the back of the house. So, this open area can be an indoor garden. To make it easier for you, create a dried garden, dominated by stones and plants that do not require much water.

Ways to make your interior green

Create a waterfall

The fallen water with its included is really interesting next to green plants or flowers of different colors. The falling waters have a specific sound character, so create a different atmosphere that can calm the spirit.

Ways to make your interior green

The design of the pool can be varied, depending on the style of the house and your appetite. The elements to be taken into account are the installation of the water channel, the electricity and the pump. The installation must be repaired, so there is no leak. Add it with decorative plants and a lamp to make it more beautiful.

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