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Top Home interior design ideas

Give priority to natural light

The decorators keep telling us to use natural light, but that is because it is one of the most important points in a decorating project. Investing in bay windows or daring to separate rooms with an indoor canopy can be a very good idea. Create a passage of light from one room to another and gives a crazy charm to the house. The windows are also a source of significant natural light and allow an opening towards the outside.
Be simple and use neutral and sober tones

Do not try to paint a wall in a bright color or cook a whole kitchen in an orange color just to have a unique decoration. The colors are coherent with the typology of spaces: size, format, natural brightness. The gray so fashionable, can make a very contemporary and charming piece.

Top Home interior design ideas

Without counting the many nuances proposed. In case of doubt, opt for neutral and sober tones. The white walls are not sad, on the contrary, they expand the space and the free space to invert the decoration with objects and accessories.

Top Home interior design ideas

Minimalism is always more judicious when you do not know much about what happens with the whole. Be careful with the paintings of countries that you have never been or photos of celebrities that you do not even know.

A good way to add a colorful and cozy touch is to invest in cushions, for example. A frame of Vintage mirrors or paintings in a wall section are also simple ideas and easy to prepare. Save a place for a beautiful bookshelf and bet on books, objects and plants.

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