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Stairs style


The staircase is a big part of a big house. It is a bridge leading to the second floor and must be in keeping with the rest of the decoration. Ornate and curved staircase is ideal for the luxury home and Art deco interior design. But why bother if your house is decorated in a modern, minimalist atmosphere. There are many creative staircases for modern decoration including “cold” and “hot” materials such as steel, glass, stone and wood.

Stairs style

Many modern staircases do not have handrails or even bases, which gives them an original and calm appearance, because they are suspended visually in the air. The big curved classic stairs are beautiful without a doubt. They are tall and flamboyant and detailed. But a modern staircase can also be beautiful. Pure white frozen in the air or decorated with drawings or curved lines and various patterns.

Stairs style

Art Deco Circular Staircase
Some stairs have drawers inside the staircase, which makes them very space-conscious. For a more playful look, you can paint each staircase in a different bright color or decorate with stickers and special designs. But not only have the stairs changed their design, but the stairs themselves have changed shape. You can now find triangular and even oval stairs.

Modern stairway design

Spiral staircase designs are very popular for decorating the modern home. These can be vintage or super futuristic and minimalist but they still impress. This staircase must be chosen carefully because it should be comfortable to walk on it. Made in various materials, you can always find the one that will suit your interior decoration.

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