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Nuances in kitchen living room design

Pay attention to the choice of furniture. It will be misplaced open shelves, transparent glass doors, bright fittings and décor. But the application of mirrors in the interior design is welcomed-they will serve not only the original detail, but also visually expand the space.

Home appliances in a minimalist kitchen should be built-in. Maintain the style, do not use any textiles in this space. It concerns curtains, tablecloths, decorative napkins. If you still want to hang on the window curtains, give preference to a simple design and neutral hue, coinciding with the tone of the headset.

Nuances in kitchen living room design

If the premise is small, it is better to establish a bar rack. The chairs, of course, should be as simple as possible. Placing this design in the center of the Space Island, you will make an interesting accent, and also get a few clear areas: working, dining and recreation area.

Nuances in kitchen living room design

You can use light sources to delimit the desired parcels. Place above the rest area 1-2 lamps that will give a lot of illumination, and the working area mark the perimeter with spot ceiling lamps. Also, the area for work can be emphasized by highlighting the apron, or contrasting color, or finishing other material.

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