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Mirror: Who are you tall


There are a lot of celebrities we would all like to meet face-to-face at some point in our lives – Johnny Depp, Kate Moss, Jennifer Aniston or Hoff for example – but if we were to meet them, we would actually be face to face. to deal with? Or would we despise their goodness? Or looking at the sky right in the nose?

Well now, you can stop speculating and start comparing with the UK Suck Who are you big mirror. Including various celebrities, poets, singers and actors, the Who are you big mirror She covers everyone, from shorties like Brenda Lee and Danny DeVito to the vertiginous heights of Hulk Hogan and Peter Crouch.

Mirror: Who are you tall

The design of this fantastic mirror will spoil you, as well as your friends, and the next time someone asks you to measure your height, you can tell them with conviction: “The same height as Snoop Dogg. No shizzle! (Unless of course you’re not exactly 192 cm …)

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