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Laundries ordered for your house


If he cleaning room of the clothing is very small or ultra wide, the conclusion is that it must be ordered. These images are some good practical ideas or decorative inspiration for you.

Laundries ordered for your house


The storage of these clothes He was very intelligent. Your secret? A support system that adjusts to the desired height within one centimeter of each shelf and a cabinet to maximize space.

Laundries ordered for your house

Storage of the floor to the ceiling

The walls and the ceiling they can be of great service, laundry with this demonstration of what the space is optimized: a roof of clothes, the wall with pegs for hanging clothes on hangers or vertical storage.

Laundries ordered for your house

Laundry service with smart baskets

When the inscription “white”, “color” or “delicate” appears, the clothing baskets They make us a great service, or how to facilitate the task at the time of your clothes.

Laundries ordered for your house

Between the dressing room and bathroom

The dreamed location of clothing to make sure everything will be in order, here it is! After the shower, dirty clothes are deposited quickly in laundry baskets discrete installed on the ironing board. Another advantage: clean and well-ironed garments can be stored easily and in the closet, right next to them.

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