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Kitchen Furniture Fittings

Furniture fittings are used to solve different problems, which led to the appearance of many varieties of similar designs. These products conditionally can be divided into several types:

Handles. This attribute is set in most cases from the outside of the furniture. There are several subspecies of similar products, among which you can select such handles as bracket, rake, button and time system.

Kitchen Furniture Fittings

Shape and size of these structures can be different, which is already dependent on the manufacturer and used in the manufacture of material.

Kitchen Furniture Fittings

Loops. This attribute is a special system that provides a smooth opening of doors. Additionally, these types of mechanisms are singled out:

  • Deposit
  • Half-waybills (the end face hides only half,
  • meet in places of joints of two opening elements);
  • Overhead (the door finds directly on a side wall end);
  • Transformers and angular systems.

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