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Keys to receive spring in your home

This time of year is a time of renewal, color and joy. Spring invites us to change the atmosphere and give it a touch of freshness. Gone is the cold winter, now it’s time to notice the warmth of the sun and take advantage of the terraces and outdoor spaces. Here we give you the keys to prepare your house and fill it with magic.

Prepare your house in spring

Keys to receive spring in your home
It is one of the most awaited seasons, at last the warm days and the good temperatures arrived. It is the perfect time to give a new air to your house, renew accessories, do deep cleaning and introduce plants and flowers. In short, let light and color come back into your home.

Spring is a good time to make changes in the distribution of space and furniture. Do not load the space with unnecessary furniture. The incorporation of new accessories (cushions, curtains …) is one of the keys to this new season. Do you want to know the 8 trends to decorate your house this spring?

Flood your home with natural light

Keys to receive spring in your home
Finally you can open the windows without fear of the cold and let natural light flood your rooms. Let the spirit of spring be present in every corner.

Temperatures rise and hours of sunlight increase, which encourages the environment to breathe energy, joy, color, nature … This encourages the human being to be more active (walking, playing sports, sunbathing …)

It’s time to do a good cleaning to purify and avoid allergies. A clean and orderly house transmits energy and comfort. Remove all items that you do not use and save them for the cold months. It is also time to remove the outerwear and organize the cabinets. It is essential to buy time in the morning when you choose the clothes you are going to wear.

Knowing how to use natural light is one of the important points in decoration. To let in natural light, add light and vaporous curtains. The mirrors can be elements that help you visually expand the space.

Renew textiles and colors

Keys to receive spring in your home
With the arrival of spring and good weather we feel full of vitality and energy. We want to change the atmosphere in the house and give it a touch of freshness and joy.

  • To give a radical change to a room, the simplest and fastest solution is to change the color of the walls and complements.
  • The spaces where we spend the most time are the living room or living area and the bedroom.
  • Bet on cheerful and vibrant tones (yellow, ultra violet, cherry tomato, light violet, salmon pink, arcadia …)
  • You can introduce these new tones through the complements or decorative details, in textiles (bedding, cushions, curtains, light rugs …)
  • The floral prints in addition to being typical of this season are trend this season.
  • Change the textiles. Choose light textiles and colorful and cheerful prints. Add a new cover for the sofa, a quilt with light and bright prints …

Fill your home with plants

Keys to receive spring in your home
It is surprising the change you can get by adding plants and flowers during the spring in your house.

  • Create a special corner with seasonal flowers, that enjoy the sun and that are protected from strong winds.
  • The plants and flowers manage to give joy, vitality and life to any room of the house.
  • It is important that you take care of them so that they last you as long as possible.
  • The orchids and water plants are great in the interior spaces.
  • You can choose from a wide variety (hydrangeas, geraniums, carnations ..) Choose models that give off a pleasant aroma.
  • Placing plants or flowers as a centerpiece will add a touch of freshness to the environment.
  • They are the best complement to fill the house with life and color.

Prepare the balcony or terrace

Keys to receive spring in your home
In the winter months we can not enjoy the outdoor spaces. In contrast, in spring, the sun warms more and the hours of sunlight lengthen. We want to spend more time outdoors and enjoy the good weather.

  • You have to condition and renovate the terraces, gardens and balconies.
  • The first thing you have to do is clean in depth, especially in the garden.
  • Remove the dried leaves, look for no moisture spots and highlight the drains.
  • It is also time to renovate outdoor furniture (give a coat of varnish, paint or teak oil).

Keys to receive spring in your home

  • If the furniture and accessories are damaged is the perfect time to add new elements. (a new umbrella, a puff …)
  • If you want to create a chill out area, add some colorful and cheerful cushions, aromatic candles, lanterns or luminous garlands …

Keys to receive spring in your home

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