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Keys to decorate your home with the Provencal style


Do you want to renew the decoration of your home? If you like elegant environments, bright, warm and with a rural touch, then you should bet on the Provencal style. Do you want to know your passwords?

Provencal style

Keys to decorate your home with the Provencal style

PRoviene from the southeastern region of France, “La Provence”. This beautiful area of ​​the country is full of landscapes of great beauty, country houses surrounded by lavender plantations and rural environments.

This style is a combination of rustic and classic decor. It transmits the “savoir vivre” so characteristic of this area. The objective is to create harmonious, relaxing environments with simple spaces, full of luminosity and warmth.

Its main characteristics are the use of natural materials (wood, stone), light, spacious space and the predominance of nature in decoration (lavender and wild flowers can not be absent). It is a romantic style that takes great care of all the details of the decoration.

The main elements come from rural decoration: predominance of exposed wooden beams, stucco walls and terracotta tile flooring. Do you want to see charming cottages?

The colors of this style

Keys to decorate your home with the Provencal style
Provencal style stands out for a palette of soft and delicate colors.

  • The target (in all its range: raw, broken, pearl gray …) is the predominant color, followed by pastel colors, orange and pink tones.
  • Sand, yellow, gray, toasted, etc. are also used.
  • The range of the earth (raw colors, ocher, beige), are characteristic of the rustic style, therefore they are suitable for use in Provencal decoration. These tonalities are typical of this French region, so they help create welcoming rural environments that transmit warmth.
  • Green and Provencal gray they are two typical tonalities of this French region. Paint your antique furniture with these colors and leave them to look old and worn.

Provencal furniture: wood

Keys to decorate your home with the Provencal style
Inspired by the classic French style, that’s why you’ll find ostentatious pieces with curved lines, tables with cabriolet legs, carved drawers and golden accessories. In this country house furniture is used come unless they transformed them by painting them white and giving them a worn finish.

If you want to furnish your home with the Provencal style, decant for light-looking furniture with natural materials such as wood or iron, but always with a rustic touch.

The basic furniture is the dressers, consoles, bookshelves, desks, tables … Antique furniture that contributes to create an environment where brightness and light tones predominate.
Keys to decorate your home with the Provencal style
The handmade furniture is essential when decorating a house with this style French. The ideal is to varnish them in white with an aged finish, getting a vintage look. The wood of mahogany, beech and pine are the protagonists of this style

Highlights the use of antiques. If you have small pieces that are old, recycle them, you will create environments full of personality and charm.

Add mirrors of this style (sinuous and soft shapes) as they are characteristic of the classic style. The vases also occupy an important place in the decoration, giving a classic and romantic touch.

Wicker furniture and wrought iron

Keys to decorate your home with the Provencal style

  • This natural material (wicker) is typical of rural environments.
  • Your products are made by hand.
  • Replaces the dining room or kitchen chairs with rustic wicker models.
  • Add accessories of this material as baskets …
  • The decoration inspired by the Provencal style is basically country, so it is normal add rustic elements such as forging. The headboards of this material painted in colors, will add a touch of color in the bedrooms.
  • Metallic kitchen utensils and pottery are essential accessories for the kitchen. Do you want to know the keys of the decoration of the rustic houses?

The most suitable textiles

Keys to decorate your home with the Provencal style
The floral prints of all types are characteristic of the Provencal style.

  • They range from large designs with bright and bold colors, to more discreet and subtle ones.
  • The stripes are also part of this decorative stream.
  • A rising trend are the prints “Toile de Jouy” (emerged in the 18th century) that have returned strongly.
  • They do not wear luxurious fabrics (velvet, silks).
  • This style is rural, so natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are used.
  • Light and semi-transparent textures in the curtains to let in natural light.
  • Linens. The handmade quilts will give a cozy and homely atmosphere.
  • Carpets with texture.
  • Wallpapers continue trend in decoration. Has the quality of disguising walls in poor condition.

Comparisons with Shabby chic style

Keys to decorate your home with the Provencal style
With the vintage trend and the rustic decoration it was possible that the Provencal style came back with strength to stay.

  • It is characterized by its luminosity, warm and clear colors and the reuse of antique furniture
  • Shabby chic He was born in the English countryside and the Provencal style in the French region, so do not confuse them, although they share many traits.

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