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Jackson Street Furniture BIG (O) Val Table


We need some furniture more than others and, except for the bed where we sleep, I think the most important are the tables. You need a table to eat or write (a desk in reality) and you also need a bedside table to put your things, you need a coffee table to place the coffee cups when you have guests, etc. Therefore, you should be careful to choose the right type of table for your house, one that fits the general design of the room and that fulfills its function. And I found a very good example: the large oval table in the furniture of Jackson Street or simply “the big O”.

Jackson Street Furniture BIG (O) Val Table

This table looks like a large “O” letter, a large oval made of bent plywood. It has our legs made of brushed stainless steel that make it quite stable. You can also use this table as a storage device because it has two thick glass shelves that you can use and even the wooden bottom of the “O” can be used to store different things there. It looks great and has a very original design, which makes it perfect both for the living room and for your bedroom. Now you can buy this item for $ 699.

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