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Incredible light blue and white lounge


The Italian photographer Francesco Lagnese has a good eye for pleasant interiors and combines different things and furniture in a room to combine perfectly and obtain a spectacular result. Take a look at these photos that show a beautiful living room decorated in light blue and white.

Incredible light blue and white lounge

It is the perfect balance between white and blue and the shade of blue is perfectly chosen to create an almost surrealistic living room design. At least I thought I was in heaven when I saw the two photos. The immaculate white walls contrast in a nice way with the blue of the curtain and the sofas are blue and white, sitting on a wooden floor that is unusual in color, but still remarkable. Although I had never seen blue floors before, I must admit that it is not artificial at all, but it looks very good.

Incredible light blue and white lounge

The pictures on the walls and the huge, impressive mirror, all adorned with glass ornaments suggest a woman’s touch in this living room, but could very well belong to a married couple. The blue coral of the table, the white vase and the beige shells, the same color as the square carpet on the floor, only complete the image and add a little color to the arrangement to avoid monotony. And, above all, the incredibly elegant white chandelier hanging from the ceiling seems to monitor the peace and tranquility suggested by this design.

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