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Green and Blue Eclectic Bedroom


Ask a group of people what their favorite color is, and chances are, the majority will answer blue. Surveys all over the world are in agreement—blue is the most popular color. It’s even more of a star in the bedroom, however, thanks to its inherently soothing, tranquil vibe that helps people feel more peaceful and fall asleep faster. Just take a peek at the lovely bedroom from designer Phoebe Howard shown here. Who wouldn’t feel good going to bed in such a lovely space?

If you’d like to decorate your own bedroom in blue, read on. The beautiful bedroom shown here will teach you how to do blue right, whether you prefer a whispery soft tint, the deepest navy, or something in between.

Green and Blue Eclectic Bedroom

An unique eclectic bedroom design with beautiful combination of blue and green color.

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