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French Country Living Room


The living room compliments the colors and adapts to the garden or landscape, so the color from the outside view will be inspired.

The remote northern regions of France are much cooler, with different landscapes and natural light from the northern sky, resulting in the use of pale colors as in the example above – in contrast to the rich and vibrant colors of the warm and sunny of France. as in the following example of French Country living rooms to the south.

French Country Living Room

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  • Furniture The French Country is usually carefully selected for the living room and gently worn antiques are mixed with modern pieces. The example would have been mixed occasionally with an upholsered antique chair or two large and comfortable sofas. Chair frames can be polished wood, stained or painted. There may not be many pieces of furniture, but they will often have at least one piece, such as a polished, stained or painted armoire. Perhaps at least one table with a bookshelf, desk or buffet and a flat back chair to sit on. The completion of furniture will be a low table or ottoman for drinks and magazines.
  • Soft Entertainment shaped Boutis Or partially cover, even the duvet to close the couch. For comfort, it can be called to sit and kneaded into squashy cushions.
  • wall decor he wouldn’t have geometric groupings, but he made a big picture or maybe a couple, a subtle explanation, and normally he made a bunch of furniture a whole.
  • Mirrors On the other hand, it is not so thin and can be placed anywhere in the room, in any size or shape of the room, with ornate or plain, gilded or painted frames.
  • Lighting In the form of a wrought iron chandelier or candle holder with a simple table or pedestal lamps and possibly a warm tone of black or antique white.
  • Accessories there will be one or two items that are not useful but decorative objects, books, pottery, candles, flowers, pots, or other objects that can be considered cut and made of natural materials.

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