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Fittings for Kitchen Furniture

Qualitatively selected fittings allows not only to create a unique design, but also extend the life of all structural elements of furniture. Therefore, the choice of such accessories should be very careful.

Fittings for kitchens are special structures and mechanisms that are used to optimize the work of all structural elements of furniture. Several basic functional features of such systems should be singled out:

The main purpose of these structures is to connect several pieces of furniture. It allows to provide their full-fledged functionality (loops, guides and many others).

Fittings for Kitchen Furniture

Decorative functionality. Also products can be installed on the outside of the elements. They are used for the control of furniture sliding systems such as doors, lockers, etc. (handles).

Fittings for Kitchen Furniture

Supporting structures. This should include the legs of different kinds, which allow not only to adjust the height of the pedestal, but also take the main load, protecting furniture and giving it a unique appearance.

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