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Do you want to have an elegant home?


Although we all have different opinions on elegant decor, there are some principles that can easily be identified and used by all of us to differentiate different levels of elegance decoration in homes. An exquisite house designed with elegance is your reflection and highlights your choice. Making your home elegant does not necessarily mean you have to spend thousands of dollars. Creativity mingled with imagination and a fair budget will do the trick.

First, you have to select a Color scheme. Choose two or three colors as the main colors and add some complementary colors. For example, cream, beige and yellow may be the main colors and complementary shades may be darker and lighter shades of cream, beige and yellow such as ivory, brown, orange etc. , carpet, etc. must always be made in the main colors to distinguish them.

Do you want to have an elegant home?

Try to create a focal point from the room. The focal point should be a piece that stands out and immediately draws attention. This can be an unusual sofa, a wall with matching images, an exquisite centerpiece, a modern art painting, etc. .

Do you want to have an elegant home?

Take the habit of keeping all sorts of clutter off the screen. Disorder includes shopping catalogs, leaflets, letters, journals, notes, etc. You can create a separate drawer to store these items. In addition, for other common items, try to group them together to keep them unified and organized. For example, magazines and newspapers can be placed in a medium. Remote control can be placed in a basket on the table with the keys, cosmetics and other accessories can be placed in a glass tray on the table.

Select only exquisite and delicate elements as decoration elements according to the available surface and the general decoration. For example, if your house is wearing an old classic look, a treasure chest can simply be beautiful, if not placed in a contemporary room, it would break the decor. In addition, items with attached memories are also amazing pieces, as they give the opportunity to initiate a conversation. For example, a collage of images of your childhood and those of your child.

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