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Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams


A hanging hammock is synonymous with relaxation and tranquility. Why not place one in your house? Both inside and outside is a perfect complement for your quality of life to increase. We show you all the possibilities that it offers us.

Hanging hammock

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

Trend hanging elements are currently.

  • Hammocks are one of the oldest (they come from Native American tribes).
  • Thanks to its gentle rocking, it promotes sleep and relaxation.
  • Outside protects from insects that may be on the ground.
  • Complement that has a simple cleaning and maintenance.

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Hammocks of network

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

This type of hanging hammock is originally from Mexico. They are made with cotton. Thanks to this material is achieved that adapt perfectly to the body. Recommended for summer seasons as they do not transpire and therefore you will get a relaxing and fresh break.

Fabric hammocks

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

You can find in the market a great variety of prints and designs. Waterproof fabrics for winter and more breathable for the summer season. They are more resistant than the network ones. If you are going to place a hanging hammock outside, be careful not to get wet, because they will lose their flexibility properties when drying.

Adapt it to the interior of your home

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

Nothing equals the feeling of napping in a hanging hammock. You may have some doubts when placing it Is it safe? Will it hold the weight well?

Look for an area that does not hinder circulation and that breathes an atmosphere of tranquility without great noise. Find the model that best suits your taste and the predominant style of the stay.

If you want to transmit a Nordic style, bet on the light tones. Choose a neutral tone to give the environment an elegant look. Bet on the bright colors if you want to add a touch of color to the space.

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

The models in white are usually the protagonists because they adapt perfectly to any decorative style. The hammocks in black bring to the atmosphere an atmosphere of elegance and sophistication. The striking prints and patchwork will fill the space with joy and color.

It is a piece that invites you to lie down, so adding cushions and pillows will be the perfect complements to enjoy an unforgettable experience.

How to install hammocks?

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

Installing a hanging hammock is not complicated, you just have to fix it at both ends to a durable and resistant surface. You can install both between two walls or anchored to the ceiling.

  • Those of the first type, are more common and traditional, since they are easier to place. They also have another feature, which You can extend them to their full length, converting them into a floating bed.

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

  • Hanging from the ceiling, there are models that are trend: the hanging chairs. They are perfect to decorate any corner of the house and rest peacefully. It will have to have an appropriate support to support the weight and balance. You have to anchor them to the slab or to the exposed beams.
  • For extensively separated walls there are extendable metal cables.

Children’s hammocks

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

Being fun and relaxing are ideal for children to use the casa You can find many models and designs for them to choose the hanging hammock that you like the most.

A recommendation that you must take into account is not to place it where there is much step or too high. For babies there are really cool hanging cots! The gentle rocking will make it easier to fall asleep.

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

Creating an economical child hammock is very easy. You will only need a large, strong cloth and a table. Pass the piece under the table and make a double knot on top of it. And he already has a hammock for the kids that they will love! It is also a good idea for the outdoors since they will be in the shade, relaxed and fun.

Enjoy the outdoors

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

In the summer months enjoying a hanging hammock is one of the greatest pleasures there is. They become the perfect complement for a nap, as well as being functional and decorative. You can create your favorite relaxation area in any outdoor space: terrace, garden even on a small balcony you can install it.

If you have a leafy garden, placing a hanging hammock between two trees is a good idea. They have to be big and sturdy to hold a person’s weight well.

Discover the hanging hammock of your dreams

To install a hammock on a porch or terrace you will need a strong structure to anchor it. It has the advantage that they will protect you from the sun and the inclement weather. Choose a fabric that is resistant and suitable for the outside.

Another option that you have if you do not have trees or a structure, is to place two posts in the place you want. Fix the ends well so that it does not yield with the passage of time.

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