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Delimit zones in your house

Although the rooms are open, it is often useful to define each space by activity. On the other hand, in small areas, mark the structure areas of the work and to organize better. Here are some ideas to clearly delineate the spaces of your home.

Delimit zones in your house

A screen to separate

The screen is not only very decorative but it is more convenient to define spaces. You will be able to separate a desk from the corner of the room so that each space retains its function.

Delimit zones in your house

Stair furniture

The stairs of the cabinet that not only will store small decorative accessories, but also to have some decorative elements to create a very original separation. Its staircase shape that allows a less abrupt separation.

Delimit zones in your house

Sofa to separate

To separate the dining area from the living room, the sofa is your friend! Indeed, by placing it back on the table, the living room will be closed, creating a kind of low partition. The space is visually defined but without closing the spaces.

Delimit zones in your house

Delimited by color

To differentiate between two spaces, one can use color. You just have to choose one color for the kitchen and another for the dining room. The contrast will then give the impression that there are two parts.

Delimit zones in your house

A kitchen island

To separate the space of the kitchen with that of the dining area, you can use the island of the kitchen as a kind of bar to close the space without closing it.

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