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Decorate your home for little money


At the time of decorating or redesign our home There is always the issue of the budget we have and the money we have for that purpose. Many things can be done by hand and eager to work … it is not necessary anymore. Today we will give some tips on how to decorate my house with little money.

Decorate your home for little money

If we are short of money we can use things that are in our own home to give it a new place and help us in the decor.

One of the first things that are fundamental to redecorating our spaces is rearrange the layout of the furniture. Changing the place’s furniture creates new spaces and work areas that we did not have before and new places are discovered.

Decorate your home for little money

If you have a quilt or old blanket that has bored you you can cut it formake curtains or a set of covers for the pillows of the bed. Nothing comes to us and we are even recycling what we were going to throw away.

We can perform the technique of decoupage about our furniture. For this we only have to apply, with vinyl glue, pieces of paper or magazine on the surface to be changed. We give you a coat of varnish … and that’s it! We will have new furniture!

You can too make a mural for the wall of your living room with this decoupage technique, choosing photos of artistic characters that you like. For the kitchen you can implement this technique to line the cans that you use as containers.

In this way and following these tips you will have a decoration with defined style and most importantly: without spending money. All your house will be with a new decoration … since the important thing is not to buy new furniture or spend excessive money: the key is in turn on our creative light bulb and transform what we already have into something new.

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