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Combination of colors and styles


We help you choose colors according to the effect and style you want to achieve. From the romantic Shabby Chic to the masculine industrial style, we guide you especially to choose a color combination more convenient for your environments.

Neutral colors = sober environments

First of all we tell you about the neutral tones like white, black or gray that will be perfect to print a formal, sober and elegant air to the decoration. You can use this range applied to a modern or minimalist style, where the clean and pure lines of furniture and interiors are the protagonists.

Combination of colors and styles

modern environments

Vibrant colors = pop and modern decoration

Choose brush strokes of fluo colors, also a strident fuchsia or an intense yellow to add a pop wink to the room.

In addition these colors go very well in spaces of current style, modern and eclectic environments.

Combination of colors and styles

vibrant colors and fluo

Cold colors = serene and elegant environments

Add freshness and relax to your resting area with blue and green notes throughout its wide range.

You can take a dose of maritime airs to your space with a delicate combination of blue and white, for example.

While cool colors combined with neutral tones, or earth tones recreate attractive interiors rather than classic style.

Combination of colors and styles

cold and neutral colors

White range = romantic interiors

If you prefer to bet on an especially romantic style like Shabby Chic, the pastel colors will be extremely suitable for decorating.

Matting with shades of white, which covers a wide range from which you can choose.

Combination of colors and styles

Shabby Chic and white range

Combination of neutral and metallic colors

For those who prefer the unmistakable presence of industrial style in your room, metal surfaces and finishes are perfect.

Merge pastel colors and metallic finishes and you will balance the coldness of the metal. A perfect and charming balance.

Combine the metal as well as with neutral or pastel tones and it will result in a successful color combination.

Combination of colors and styles

industrial style in the kitchen

Natural materials

A high dose of naturalness can be added to an environment by the hand of materials such as wood, wicker, rattan, also bamboo and other plant tissues.

Give a unique, cozy and natural turn to your home, add warmth to a style with these materials such as vegetable fibers or wood.

In addition, the natural elements are perfect to evoke a rustic and rural atmosphere.

Combination of colors and styles

combination of colors and natural textures

As a conclusion to this guide, we encourage you to add color and style to your home and combine them with these simple ideas!

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