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Best living room interior tips

To give a more elegant look to your prints and canvases, think about keeping a color code as a whole. For example, choosing to have his photographs in black and white, gives a very artistic touch and makes the photo look like a work of art. I like it a lot, personally, I think it’s an excellent advice to avoid falling into the trap of “too much”.

Decorations that are too colorful and do not harmonize with the colors of the atmosphere, for example they are a no no. I love this way of decorating with photos at home.

Best living room interior tips

A design full of nuances:

But if you absolutely want to expose your moments of happiness in large and colorful, know that it is just as feasible. In this case, the ideal is to opt for photos in white background to create a neutral rendering. It is easier to associate with decoration.

If you choose to use very colorful prints, highlight them by exposing them in a neutral background and match them with the overall style of the piece. Look for a reminder between the image and the decoration.

Best living room interior tips

Choose photos with pinches of green for an environment full of plants, or with lots of wood, for example. A photo of your little one with a sailor taken last summer will be even more beautiful on a blue wall or next to the sofa with some cushions of this color.

To create your personalized photo canvases, use specialized sites such as myPhotoAlbum. You will find a wide range of pictures on canvas.

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