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A chandelier or chandelier in kitchens


Today we share an article about lighting in the home, with an original idea for the kitchen lighting: with a chandelier or chandeliers, adding a vintage touch to the decoration.

A chandelier or chandelier in kitchens

Lighting in the kitchen

Would you dare to incorporate such a distinguished piece to illuminate a kitchen? We tell you the keys to incorporate these luminaries.

Illuminate with a vintage candlestick

First of all, I think that a chandelier or a chandelier look great in every room of a house, including the bathroom and the kitchen decoration.

In addition these lamps can be adapted to kitchens of all styles, from a classic and even the most modern.

In the modern kitchens Integrating a vintage lamp to the decoration, creates a very interesting contrast. So this piece will become one of the focal points of the stay.

In the first photo, you can see a modern kitchen, in which the predominant color is turquoise, and which finds its counterpoint in the chandelier an elegant piece at all black.

The place chosen to hang the luminaire is a ceiling beam that is located just above a bar or kitchen island. This location is right because it allows highlighting this work area and also a place that can be used as an office in the kitchen.

Another case may be a kitchen in which the rustic style dominates, and where a dining area is integrated into the space.

Right on the table hangs a beautiful crystal chandelier, which in addition to illuminating this area is an alternative to add a touch of vintage style to the setting of a kitchen.

An office, breakfast room or central island, are areas of the kitchen perfect to illuminate with this type of style lamps.

An antique chandelier or a candelabra, are ideal elements to incorporate a wink of elegance and sophistication in an interior.

The effect achieved with these pieces forming part of the kitchen lighting It is lovely

A chandelier or chandelier in kitchens

chandeliers in kitchens

A chandelier or chandelier in kitchens

Vintage chandeliers

A chandelier or chandelier in kitchens

how to light kitchens

A chandelier or chandelier in kitchens

vintage candlestick in the kitchen

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