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12 Furniture in the style of art deco


Any style of the room requires furniture. If the question concerns Art Decothen you should act very carefully and correctly select it. Many workshops offer manufacturing cabinets, sofas, chairs and other furniture in the declared style under the order, and the designer or even the group works on each element in order that the product ideally corresponds to the style.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

Art Deco strikes with luxury and grace

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

The style in the interior is a reflection of the creative rise in the era of jazz

A few words about the direction of Art Deco

In order to understand what kind of furniture is needed for an art deco, let us recall the main features of this trend, which is also called the “style of the stars”. Style originated in France in the 20s. last century and at first was a mixture of features of folk art and cubism.

Important! In this direction, the style is quite easily mixed, and all thanks to his eclecticism. Here you can meet exoticism with ethnic touch and African colonial motifs.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

The combination of several styles makes the interior more original.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

Stylish decoration of a small balcony

On a note! At the same time, the considered direction is considered one of the most difficult to translate into design, because the main thing in this case is to find the very balance between everything: furniture, finish, accessories.

The basis of it is furniture and decoration, which set the tone and create the very luxurious atmosphere. In order to realize all this, you need a lot of financial investments, which is fully justified by the result. But elements art deco furniture You can successfully emphasize any room decorated in a different style.

Art Deco features:
  1. Zigzag shapes – for example, in upholstered chair or couch.
  2. “Sunshine” – they can be seen in many details: the laying of the floor covering, the shape of the products. The characteristic banding is easily noticeable in almost every such design project.
  3. Grading.
  4. Trapezius – furniture, decoration, accessories have a characteristic shape.
  5. Alternation of dark and light bands.
  6. Contour, frame. So, on the surface can be applied decoration in a contrasting color, a kind of framing. This will help to better emphasize the geometric style. If you move it to furniture, the upholstery is made light, and frame (for example, legs) dark.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

Art Deco interior borrowed abstract shapes from avant-garde art

Materials and color solution for art deco (photo options)

The materials may be different, but most importantly – they must look expensive and luxurious. More specifically:

  1. Tree (especially popular with inlays), priority – exotic breeds.
  2. Glass.
  3. Genuine Leather, skins of exotic animals and reptiles. Often there are chairs and even sofas upholstered in leather of eel, stingray, shark. And this is not an imitation, but the real skin of such outlandish representatives of the animal world.
  4. Stainless steel.
  5. Aluminum.
  6. Precious metals. And without that expensive wood can gild or silver.
  7. Varnished surfaces.
  8. Other materials – ivory, mother of pearl, crystals. Most often they are used for individual items, decorations.

The color palette is also important. The most common solutions are enough neutral tones: black, white, gray, silver, beige, brown. They are popular tones “tan”, metallic. Other colors are used a little and very sparingly, most often it is green, blue, golden, red, burgundy.

Important! Also such furniture is characterized by angular, faceted surfaces. Another feature is the dome. So, will be able to find a sofa or chair with a characteristic dome backwhich is like an open inverted parachute. It makes the furniture cozy, so you feel alone, protected..

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

The accent elements of the furniture set highlight the vintage style.

Important! Often chairs, beds, sofas, cabinets are made of wood, less often of metal. Mandatory requirement – cone-shaped edges.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

Light shades are perfect for a living room with high ceilings.

Separate rooms with characteristic content

In order to understand what kind of furniture you need to choose for this area, you should consider the features of a particular room in the house.


The considered style in this room is often created by creative people, those who appreciate the beautiful. Here you need not so much – a bed, bedside tables, a wardrobe. It is required to find a thin line between modern and classics, elegance and luxury.

It is necessary to focus on the soft forms. So in art deco bedroom looks great bed with soft headboard. It can be rectangular or oval, there must be a drapery fabric. You should also pay attention to color. If the finish is light, the furniture should be a contrast, that is dark, and vice versa.

Important! Required element is table, ottoman or custom-made armchair.

Indispensable attribute of style – mirrorsbecause they make the space lighter and lighter. Such surfaces may be on the facades of cabinets, nightstands.

Living room

Here it is necessary to combine geometric shapes with characteristic curves. As for materials, preference is given to the tree of valuable species. Facades are not painted over so as not to lose their characteristic features and natural design. Be sure to use glass facades, metal handles.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

The color palette of the interior is characterized by its piercing clarity and sharp contrasts.

Décor of cabinets, tables, chairs, ornaments, original cubist patterns is welcome. The decor itself was excellent in this form:

  1. Leather crocodile, shark, stingray.
  2. Inlaid with semiprecious stones.
  3. Ivory.
  4. Bamboo.

Such rather extravagant materials perfectly emphasize the style. This room will become a real center of aesthetic pleasure for every inhabitant of the house.

Important! In the living room, you can use a combination of glass and metal, for example, in interior partition, doorway, on stair railing.

In furniture upholstery it is recommended to use such colors and solutions:

  1. Dark shades, for example, brown and beige gamma.
  2. Monotone saturation with contrasting patterns.
  3. Inlaid glass and mirror surfaces.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

Fancy play of colors in the design of a spacious living room

Bright, colorful accents are unacceptable – they look alien here. The main criterion in choosing such furniture is a luxury. It is optimal to do it under the order from designers who specialize in this area. Original forms look unusual, for example:

  1. High backs of chairs with a non-standard geometric shape.
  2. Figured legs of chairs of a contrasting upholstery shade.
  3. Inlaying table tops.
  4. Original throne-like chairs and armchairs.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

The style has a high level of comfort.


The materials that are used for headsets:

  1. Wood – polished, inlaid, varnished.
  2. Metal – stainless steel and aluminum.
  3. Genuine Leather.
  4. Glass.
  5. For upholstery chairs – satin, silk, striped fabrics.

In furniture and decoration should withstand black and white color range – this will be the main “chip” of the interior. Here you can also successfully use mirrors – this technique is combined with art deco style. Of course, the problem is that the surface will be very often dirty.


Many pieces of furniture are not here, the main focus is on finishing and plumbing. Welcome black and white in the finish.

Here you can also quite well enter the original elements, for example:

  1. Sink stand in silvery tones with relief legs.
  2. Glass surfaces.
  3. Suspended pedestals.
  4. Soft padded stools with velvet finish.

12 Furniture in the style of art deco

Vintage interior and some elements of furniture and decor favorably emphasize the status of the owner


It is quite difficult to find furniture in the art deco style in the mass-march, and it has to be done under the order from the designer. But this is definitely one of the most original choices for the interior.

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