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10 tricks for decorating small flats


Living in a small house can be as comfortable and comfortable as in a larger one. It has its advantages: it does not take much time to clean it or a large financial outlay in decorating and furnishing it. Below, we give you some tips for decorating small floors that will be very useful.

Decoration of small apartments: ideas to take advantage of space

10 tricks for decorating small flats

It is a reality that the houses of today are increasingly smaller. That your house has a few meters does not mean you have to give up having a practical and comfortable decoration. You just have to look for simple and practical solutions to get the most out of all the stays.

  • Apply the maximum “less is more”. Avoid reloading furniture and objects on small floors as it will increase the feeling of overwhelm.
  • In the absence of space, relax for simplicity.
  • Do not place furniture and decorative accessories (luminaires …) too large for the space you have. Choose light furniture.
  • Distribute the environments and leave areas of passage.
  • The highest furniture is placed on the wall to let in light.
  • Strengthen the strengths of your home. For example a natural wood floor, an old doors recovered …
  • Bet on open spaces.

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10 tricks for decorating small flats

The tones that you choose to paint the walls will be one of the predominant factors when it comes to making a small space seem larger.

  • Opt for light tones and pastel colors to give light and spaciousness to the environment. Decántate for white, beige, pearl gray, raw .. and counter with small touches of color.
  • To give depth to the rooms paint a wall in a darker tone.
  • Paint the ceiling in a lighter shade than that of the walls to direct light towards it.
  • Keep in mind the type of lighting you will choose for each room in the house. Light tones reflect light, while dark tones absorb light. Halogen light is recommended as it helps to boost the amplitude of the spaces.
  • You should take into account the decorative style and furniture when choosing colors.
  • The pavement in light tones and with a medium format will help to visually expand the environment. The bright finishes will give a lot of light.

Multifunctional furniture

10 tricks for decorating small flats

A practical resource is to use furniture that fulfills various functions.

  • A sofa that becomes a bed or has a storage space.
  • Beds with folding canapés or drawers.
  • Poufs that serve as an auxiliary and container table.
  • Extendable tables to accommodate more diners.
  • Modular or kit furniture is perfect for you to adapt to the decoration of small flats.

Bet on the crystal

10 tricks for decorating small flats

It will be an ally for the decoration of small flats.

  • Choose glazed walls. It is a magnificent resource to communicate rooms and that there is no visual impediment between them.
  • Bet on the sliding glass doors. You will get more space than with the folding ones. If you want to be intimate choose opaque crystals.
  • The glass furniture (tables …) will give a feeling of spaciousness.
  • Another safe bet is doors with mirrors.


10 tricks for decorating small flats

They are essential complements to give life to the decoration of small apartments. If the upholstery of the sofa is old, change it for some covers in light colors; put some nice cushions and you will get to give joy to the living room or lounge. Do not forget the rugs, because with them you can separate environments and customize them. The curtains as light as possible, to let natural light through. Bet on cotton and linen in light colors.


10 tricks for decorating small flats

They are essential for decorating small floors, as they reflect light and they manage to create a multiplying effect of space. A trick is to place the mirrors where the sunlight reflects.

  • In the salon give prominence placing it in a prominent place.
  • It is a very useful accessory for rooms with little natural lighting such as hallways and corridors.
  • A safe bet is doors with mirrors.

Vertical storage

10 tricks for decorating small flats

In small houses one of the most pressing problems is the lack of storage sites. So that Take advantage of the height is a great solution to take advantage of any corner or gap available. Vertical storage is essential for decorating small floors.


10 tricks for decorating small flats

In this room of the house try to concentrate the storage area on a single wall. The distribution that best uses the space is the layout of the furniture in “U”. Choose light colors for kitchen furniture. Add a folding table and stackable chairs.


10 tricks for decorating small flats

Bet for the lightness in the toilets (suspended models). Change the bathtub for a shower that takes less. The coatings and pavements in small format will give visual amplitude. Take advantage of any nook to place shelves with towels and personal care products.

All in order

10 tricks for decorating small flats

An orderly stay will seem wider since order is paramount. Help yourself with boxes, baskets, furniture and accessories with storage space. Over time we accumulate more and more things so it is advisable to do a general cleaning once or twice during the year.

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